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So how did we get here?

I’ve asked myself the question a million times over the years, as my passion for far flung adventures has driven me to some truly wild and wonderful lands.

From New York, LA, Sydney, Nepal, Hong Kong, Peru, India, Vancouver to name but a few,  I ‘ve always had a trusty eye, a desire to find that ‘unique’ T Shirt, something you couldn’t find the masses wearing, and be pretty stoked when people asked you where you bought it from.

As we all know, the infamous ‘T’ is in everyone’s wardrobe, simply ageless, a classic garment.

I constantly searched for a supreme, quality feel t shirt, one that would last years, as you never throw a t shirt you have an emotional attachment to do you? I certainly don’t.

My solo travels around the globe inspired me greatly and fed my thirst of amazing art too.

This, my second love, of Modern Art, a desire which fills my culture cup to the brim.

With ideas, notes, sketches and photos a plenty of my travels, they were all kept safe until my return home years later, back to good old Blighty.

After some time had passed being home, the 9 to 5 life wasn’t fulfilling my creative thirst, and the decision was made to incorporate my love for Limited Edition Art, with the highest quality t shirts available and fusing them into one…

Thus, the creation of TALL as LIONS.

The goal…

….To be the first in the UK to create Limited Edition numbered shirts, like limited edition art prints which of course are numbered also, our garments to be exclusive, only 500 t shirts of each design. We opted to use monochrome colours only for men and women with a pop of vibrant pink on the women’s collection.

For us to collaborate with British designers for each collection, encase the shirts in beautiful British packaging and ensure that all the t shirts were to be hand finished in Britain.

So, here we are, producing something with unsurmountable passion, something unique and proud to share with the ones who are willing to come on board… don’t be a follower of fashion, be a pack leader, stand tall and have a ball.



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